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Sea Freight

SEA FREIGHT - Pallet load or full container load, just tell us what you need and we will do the rest.


24/7 rapid response for all Excess baggage or Commercial cargo to meet your urgent freight requirements.


Within Sydney or all over Australia, we are flexible to meet all your transport needs.


Express customs clearance at discount prices.Door delivery anywhere in Australia

Excess baggage freight

Our unaccompanied baggage services can be described with one word efficiency.

First and foremost we value each one of our customers no matter the size the shipment being carried out is.

We understand that the safety of your goods is theutmost important. Therefore we have tailored our process to ensure that your baggage are handled with care throughout the delivery process from pickup to storage to drop of to the airlines.

In addition our vast network enables us to provide our customers with services to any country in the world. No matter where your from we have services to cater to you. Our partners are not only economical but are also experienced in customer orientated freight services ensuring that all requirements for a smooth delivery and transaction are in place.

So if you are looking to send your excess baggage overseas, than look no further. Contact us today and get your free quote!