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Sea Freight

SEA FREIGHT - Pallet load or full container load, just tell us what you need and we will do the rest.


24/7 rapid response for all Excess baggage or Commercial cargo to meet your urgent freight requirements.


Within Sydney or all over Australia, we are flexible to meet all your transport needs.


Express customs clearance at discount prices.Door delivery anywhere in Australia

Shipping containers in and out of Australia

One of our highly demanded services is container shipping. We handle all types of shipments from personal cargo , commercial cargo, break bulk, refrigerated and even heavy machinery. We have been in the industry for years so we understand the needs of our clients. By taking a customer orientated approach to business we have been able to increase our container shipments year in and year out.No matter what size your shipments are rest assured that Cargo Australia can help you deliver your cargo safely, efficiently and economically.

We understand that the most important part of shipping containers or transporting goods in any mode is safety. Imagine receiving your goods in pieces? Sad to say but this experience is common in the shipping industry and more prominently in container shipping due to the large amounts of freight handling. We are aware of this and hence we have taken controllable factors from start to finish to ensure that cargo is delivered to its destination at the best possible condition.

Cargo Australia is partnered with shipping lines and agents who are renowned in the shipping industry. Because of this we are able to ship containers basically anywhere around the world. Our consistent partnership with these networks enable us to have a diverse selection in shipping routes. Consequently our customers are able to experience the selection of regular shipments aswellas quick turnover times.

Last but not least our relationships with our networks over the years have enabled us to pass on the added benefit of economical prices to our customers.. Call us today and get your quote. There is no obligation to ship with us but we do price match so if you find a better price than we will do our best not only to match it but to beat it!