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Sea Freight

SEA FREIGHT - Pallet load or full container load, just tell us what you need and we will do the rest.


24/7 rapid response for all Excess baggage or Commercial cargo to meet your urgent freight requirements.


Within Sydney or all over Australia, we are flexible to meet all your transport needs.


Express customs clearance at discount prices.Door delivery anywhere in Australia

Welcome to Cargo Australia

Cargo Australia endeavours to be the single best international shipping and cargo services in Australia. We want to be the name that is first and foremost in everyone’s mind when they consider Container shipping to and from Australia. Constantly challenging ourselves to go above and beyond what is required, we look to pre-emptively prepare for customer needs before they become inherently apparent and to quickly and simply handle any problems that arise quickly and efficiently. We constantly have an eye out for ways in which to improve our customer experience and develop our relationships. Our expert team truly enjoys being part of the shipping industry and is continually seeking ways in which to improve the quality of our services and maintain positive customer relations. We will listen to you to be certain that you are receiving the level of service that you deserve.

Striving continuously to offer the most competitive pricing and the best in customer service, Cargo Australia will not be satisfied until we are the ideal when it comes to freight and shipping. We treat all of our customers the same regardless of if they contact us to inland ship a small personalized item or if they contract with us for international freight scheduling. Every customer is valued and important to us here at Cargo Australia. We offer regular freight shipping to Germany, shipping Australia UK service, We also offer sea and air freight solutions to send cargo to Russia, New Zealand shipping and over 200 destinations.

Moving overseas can be a stressful and confusing time, so choosing the right International moving company is important so that the experienced international mover can minimize this stress. Placing your valuable cargo in the hands of experts and professionals from Cargo Australia is the smartest choice.When shipping household goods, international baggage shipping, LCL shipping and other services such as shipping cars to and from Australia and we offer very attractive shipping rates.We will ensure that our customers’ expectations will be delivered by providing highest quality shipping services to and from Australia.